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The Rio Street Golf Program 2016 is a social project supported by the British NGO - The Golf Foundation and the R & A - being the main regulatory body and champion of the sport, dedicated to the global development of Golf as a sport for all. The project is designed to give young people from Rio de Janeiro the opportunity to experience golf, being independent of their social background and giving unrestricted access to golf teaching. In May 2015 a small group of 16 children starred in a preliminary tournament in the Maracanã Stadium. The children involved are already part of 02 social projects Japeri Golfe and O Future do Golfe. The tournament ran for one afternoon and promoted the interaction of children with the Street Golf, coached by two professionals from The Golf Foundation UK. FSR Produções™ is responsible for the Executive Production of the Project developed by Rio Golf which includes a year long with coaching classes and 04 Public Tournament in the most iconic spots of Rio de Janeiro.

Thanks again for looking after us all so professionally and efficiently. We are very lucky to have such a brilliant company producing the conference and all the extra activity for us.

All best and thanks to all your team

Fiona Harvey
Education and Youth Ensembles Consultant
Association of British Orchestras

Definitivamente a organização foi britânica, precisa!!! Congratulações a você e aos demais participantes, pela belíssima conferência. Aguardamos ansiosos para a próxima oportunidade. Cordialmente,

Guilherme Mannis
Orquestra Sinfônica de Sergipe