About Us

FSR was created at the beginning of this century, with the purpose of being different from the major Live Marketing and Events agencies. Its CEO, Fernanda Rizzo, in 2003 had recently returned from eight long years in England, and she was surprised by the vertical form of work of the agencies, their expensive structure. and above all, the vendor fees and overstaffing per project. She then decided to create a more fluid and less costly working format, without a large fixed structure, but with a vast network of partners to serve the most diverse projects that today are part of FSR’s award winning portfolio. Valuing human material and enhancing the individual intelligence of its main producers, FSR has won several major competitions, served high-ranking international clients such as the BBC and the Government of the United Arab Emirates, the UN, the International Olympic Committee, the British Council, the Governments of Jordan, New Zealand, Survival International and Green Peace among others. FSR its today a established company in the market with a reputation for reliability and impeccable performance.


    • Strategic planning for Live Marketing Projects.
    • Consulting for production and operation of events.
    • Management and production of customized Event staging from small to, medium and large sized events.
    • Consulting, development, monitoring and accountability for projects financed by the Incentive Tax Laws of Culture and Sport.
    • Experience in Broadcast Standard end to end TV Production
    • Fully Bi-lingual specialized teams created for each production
    • Expertise in Local and International Co-productions.
    • Capability in providing unique solutions and Formatting Events as powerful tools to provide unforgettable entertainment experiences.

    We understand the requirements and subtleties of the Events Business and create innovative and unique projects that respond directly to the demands of the market. Since 2003 FSR has established itself as a major player in the development of powerful and long lasting brand activation experiences, across the five major areas of Entertainment, Culture, Education, Sports and Corporate Marketing.

    Every project at FSR is unique and respects the special nuances and goals set by the client. We have the know-how to creatively support our clients, making the experience a dynamic and unique process. We manage the entire event, from planning to execution and when required we can configure all documentation for the Incentive Tax Laws for Culture and Sport.

    Our knowledge makes a difference. We have specialized teams with the capability to provide effective Live Marketing solutions for our clients. All our Producers are fluent in English with extensive experience of working with international clients in Brazil and abroad.