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In August 2013 at the Edinburgh Television Festival, BBC Current Affairs announced the production of one of its newly Commissioned Series, “Sex, Money, Beauty: The Secrets Of South America”. The presenter Billie JD Porter explored life in South America in three Episodes that explored: Argentina and Sex, The Elite of Brazil and the daily struggle of the poor, and The obsession with beauty and body image in Venezuela. FSR producoes ™ was contracted by BBC Current Affairs for the complete local production logistics for the Brazilian Episode.

Many thanks to you and all your colleagues for organising such a smooth running conference. I know what goes into organising such an event and I thought you did an excellent job! We all felt very well looked after.

Thanks too for organising all the travel and accommodation for me and my colleagues.  All best,

Fiona Harvey
Association of British Orchestras (Reino Unido)

Definitivamente a organização foi britânica, precisa!!! Congratulações a você e aos demais participantes, pela belíssima conferência. Aguardamos ansiosos para a próxima oportunidade. Cordialmente,

Guilherme Mannis
Orquestra Sinfônica de Sergipe