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Boa do Samba


FSR was hired by Rio360 Comunicação to adapt the project Boa do Samba to meet the criteria of the Federal Incentive Tax Law (Lei Rouanet), for the Sponsors to benefit from the mechanism where tax payments are reverted into project investment. FSR monitored financial resources arising from the incentive, managing the relationship with the Ministry of Culture Team, advising on the proper use of Federal Government logos for the Event’s promotional material, submitting an accountability report and the event’s final report to the Federal Government. BOA DO SAMBA was held in Lapa, an area of Rio most intrinsically linked to Samba. The event was held in September 2010 – from 11 am to 10 pm across 3 days. There were 50 hours of entertainment in the programme. Amongst the activities was a Photo Exhibition focusing on Samba and its connection to Rio’s history, also workshops and discussions with Samba players at Fundição Progresso Hall, with the highlight of the Event on Saturday night of a large scale concert, ope to the public held under the Arches of Lapa, uniting different styles of Samba, with artists such as Arlindo Cruz, Mart'nália, Marcelo D2 and Ivone Lara.

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