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CineTeatro Paissandu

The Restoration Project and Launching of the new Cine Teatro Paissandu is part of our portfolio of Incentive Tax Projects approved and funded via Lei Rouanet. The Rodrigo Pinto and Leo Feijó Projects, aimed to restore the Cine Paissandu founded in 1960 - being part of the cultural heritage of Rio de Janeiro. The concept was to convert the space for multipurpose use, cultivating the film screenings and other cultural events, encouraging community involvement, sustainability and access. FSR Produções was responsible for the approval of the project into the Lei Rouanet, article 18, raising funds of over R$ 7 million.

I wanted to send you a quick email to thank you and your FSR colleagues for all your hard work. It was extremely well organised and everything seemed to be very smooth. I know how much work goes into bringing everyone together, and it was very much appreciated.

Very best wishes
Joanne Johnson
London Symphony Orchestra (Reino Unido)

Definitivamente a organização foi britânica, precisa!!! Congratulações a você e aos demais participantes, pela belíssima conferência. Aguardamos ansiosos para a próxima oportunidade. Cordialmente,

Guilherme Mannis
Orquestra Sinfônica de Sergipe