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Double Act an English Production Company was commissioned by the Discovery Channel to Produce the initial Episode of the series `Game Of Stones’, first broadcasted in the US on 28th February 2013. The series followed the adventures of Don Kogen - CEO of Gem Guys Inc., specializing in sourcing rare stones "from the most dangerous and lawless places on earth’’. Each episode found Don Kogen and his team in a new country aiming to source larger and rarer stones filming in the inhospitable mines of, Brazil, Thailand, Turkey, India and Tanzania. FSR produções™ provided local crew and HD kit over a 10 day filming schedule in the remote gem-mining town of Nova Era in Minas Gerais – filming in the extreme underground conditions of the Emerald Mines.

I worked with Fernanda for a couple of months negotiating costs, usage, licensing and talent with the local Favela Morro da Mineira. Our production would not have been possible without Fernanda, she was instrumental in capturing beautiful within a very tight time frame and limited budget. I was very greatful for her hands on approach and experieced capabilities. We were very pleased with Fernanda and FSR as a whole and would certainly recommend them to any international group needing production help in Brazil and the rest of South America."

Rosana Lawson
Integrated Producer

Parabéns! O evento foi um sucesso e a Produção impecável!

Renato Bandel 
Santa Marcelina Cultura e Instituto Baccarelli