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Refresh Films is launching at the beginning of 2017 the film CARLOS HENRIQUE - o KAISER. A man that had a 26 YEAR professional football career, yet only played a handful of games. He managed to con some of football’s most influential figures into giving him contracts using bribery and sleaze. The Kaiser counts some of Brazil’s biggest legends as his personal friends, including Romario and Renato Gaucho. It wasn’t just footballers he conned; he managed to dupe one of the world’s most dangerous men, Brazil’s biggest drug lord, and one of the main protagonists of the current FIFA scandal Castor do Andrade. The Kaiser would stop at nothing in order to keep up a lavish lifestyle. He sorted the parties, the girls and the drugs. FSR Produções was responsible for the local production of the Interviews done with soccer players, coaches. The local company was also in charge of finding the proper locations and getting the right permits for the broadcasting of the film. Locations such as the iconic beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, Downtown Lapa, Soccer Clubs, bars and motels were also produced by FSR for the shootings. The documentary will be starring at the International Circuit of Cinema and broadcasted around the world in all BBC channels in 2017.

Thanks again for looking after us all so professionally and efficiently. We are very lucky to have such a brilliant company producing the conference and all the extra activity for us.

All best and thanks to all your team

Fiona Harvey
Education and Youth Ensembles Consultant
Association of British Orchestras

Working with FSR on a recent yoga workshop in Rio was an amazing experience. Fernanda and her production team ran a perfectly organized event, which was seamlessly run, thoughtful, and highly professional. They transformed a fully mirrored exercise room into a comfortable and calm yoga classroom for a little over 100 participants, treated all of the participants to a warm and friendly welcome, and catered to everyone’s needs. I can’t wait for the next time!

Eddie Stern
Ashtanga Yoga New York and Brooklyn Yoga Club