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MultiOrchestras Internacional Conference 2015


The British Council in partnership with the Cidade das Artes - being one of the most prestigious venues in Rio de Janeiro, held in April 2015 - the MULTIORCHESTRA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: THE ORCHESTRA AND THE CITY. The Event was the second of the on-going program “TRANSFORM ORCHESTRA LEADERSHIP”, which aims to promote the dialogue between Brazilian and UK orchestra institutions. This year, the conference brought to light, new musicians and future generations, allowing space for new ideas and models for the orchestras, the urban environment and public policies for the sector, including the theme in the agenda of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The 2015 CONFERENCE – repeated the huge success of the previous year’s Event - where FSR in 2015 - again delivered a superbly run and highly acclaimed production - developing, scripting, scheduling and co-ordinating all production logistics, then running and producing the complete event on location.

Parabéns! O evento foi um sucesso e a Produção impecável!

Renato Bandel 
Santa Marcelina Cultura e Instituto Baccarelli

Parabéns pelo trabalho.

Abraços a todos,
Carlos Harasawa
Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo